Melatonin 60mg Gummies – Mixed Berry



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Melatonin is so much more than just sleep, Although sleep helps your immune system and strengthens your body. The high levels of Melatonin have been studied for many additional health benefits.

Produced by the pineal gland in your brain, Melatonin declines sharply in middle age and continues to drop with every passing year. Melatonin is needed to make serotonin, a mood-supporting hormone that also supports memory and cognitive function. Melatonin also helps regulate leptin, an important hormone for appetite and weight control. Supplemental Melatonin can help achieve restful sleep, help keep mind and memory sharp, support weight control and improve overall sense of well-being.

  • 30 day supply of pectin-based gummy vitamins in a mixed berry flavor
  • Contains natural flavors, gelatin-free and vegetarian.
  • Each Gummy is loaded with 60mg of Melatonin
  • 30 gummies per bottle.

Our facility is outfitted with breakthrough technologies, cutting-edge tools, and our formulations are created with physicians and scientists who truly want to make superior products. Every Formulation utilizes carefully selected ingredients and is always manufactured at therapeutic levels that’s the difference that makes a product perform. Many companies choose to include ingredients that look good on the label our ingredients are actually in the product that’s our commitment to perfection.